Update for software for scanning over network BlindScanner Standard 2.20 is available. A work was done to improve the scanning from the command line, in particular, added the ability to use a template file name for automatic file naming with a multi-scan. 



BLINDSCANNERCLIENT.EXE -resolution=200 -mode=2 -ext=JPG -file=image_<D>_<T>_<#> -path=c:\images -adf -start=1

Parameter -file can take the following values for substitution:

  • <D> - is replaced by the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD
  • <T> - is replaced by the time in the format HH-MM-SS
  • <#>, <##>, ... - Is replaced by a sequence number with a leading zero (01, 02, ...) or without

More about scanning from the command line

Download the latest version of the BlindScanner Standard