Scanning over network to files

  • Run standalone application and scan from remote scanner directly to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG files, or to multipage TIFF/PDF documents.
  • Remote scanning from autofeeder to multipage documents at a single click.
  • Preview and select a particular rectangular region to be scanned.

Remote scanning into graphics application

  • Use a remote scanner directly from graphics application. As the result scanned image immediately appears in a host application.
  • Remote scanning from autofeeder at a single click.
  • Control output brightness, contrast for color/grayscale images or threshold for black&white images

Command-line interface for remote scanning

  • Automate scanning routine using scripting and allow remote scanner to be used by 3d-party software through command line interface

Scan to terminal sessions on a remote desktop

  • Use scanner connected to your terminal on the remote desktop.