Share your scanner with BlindScanner!

BlindScanner is a complete tool for remote scanning

 Remote scanning
BlindScanner is a software that allows you to share a scanner with other users in a given home or office network. It will allow you to scan images remotely, even when the scanner is located in a different place.
Add scanner support to MS Terminal Services
Need your scanner under Terminal Session or RDP - just install BlindScanner and enjoy. Scan directly from your desktop scanner into hosted application with no efforts.
BlindScanner has simple user interface whilst still remaining a powerful network scanner sharing tool. Set up server and clients within 3 clicks.
Fast and lightweight
Featuring stream compression BlindScanner saves bandwidth and speeds up image transferring from scanner to client. It doesn't require too much drive space or special hardware to install.


Share scanner in your network

BlindScanner is as easy to set up as it is to operate! Just select edition you need, download, install server and clients.


Scanner for the whole office

Whether it is necessary to buy another scanner if you already have one in office or at home just for everyone to be able to scan documents without distracting colleagues from their important work? The BlindScanner software will share and open access to a scanner on the local area network.

Scan from Laptops via Wi-Fi

If you are puzzled by how to scan documents wirelessly and view scans on your laptop, BlindScanner definitely is all you need. You can scan remotely on the move without any wires and connections.

Use ADF and scan two-sided documents

Load document feeder, press Scan button and get digitized copy of your document. BlindScanner supports automatic document feeders (ADF) and 2-sided (duplex) documents scanning to help scan huge documents.