Release of the BlindScanner 4.6

BlindScanner version 4.6 brings many fixes and improvements to scanning over the network. For the most part, changes have been made to the server.

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Update 4.5

BlindScanner 4.5 update fixes and improves scanning over network.

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BlindScanner 4.4

BlindScanner 4.4 update fixes and improves scanning over network.

Changes in this version:

  • Added translation into German
  • Fixed the problem of starting the service after installing the redistributable Microsoft Visual C++
  • Fixed error with automatic document feeder control

Download the new version of BlindScanner

New version of BlindScanner

A new version of BlindScanner 4.3 has been released.

The new release fixes a number of bugs, improves the handling of exceptions occurring due to paper jamming and other non-standard situations. The client now connects to the scanner in a separate thread, which solves the problem of UI "freezing".

Download BlindScanner 4.3

BlindScanner 4.2 Update

BlindScanner 4.2 update is released. This release brings improved look and feel and minor bug fixes

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